The Application Of Aluminium In Automobile Sector

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In order to reduce the consumption of energy and also for avoiding the air pollution, requirement of more fuel efficient automobile or vehicles are in demand and it is big challenge for automobile industries. There are various unique characteristic of aluminum for example excellent formability properties; higher strength & stiffness in respect of weight- ratio, properties of recyclability and most important good resistance against corrosion and it must be note down that these properties of aluminium propose it the best and ideal aspirant for replacing the heavy materials such as copper and steel in car and other luxury vehicles for full filling the requirement of automobile industries of weight reduction. In this essay we will discuss the recent development in application of aluminum alloy in casting, metal forming and extrusion process for automobile industries.

We will consider two examples also where we will see that how automobile industries started to apply aluminium for better efficiency of vehicles in fuel consumption and environmental impact or air pollution point of view. In first example we will discuss hang on parts produced by Hoogovens Rolled Products Duffel and must be noted that the potential of weight could be approximate 50%. In current situation, 5000 alloys are preferred because they are of high degree of formable and applied normally for inner panel, whilst heat treatable 6000 alloys are applied for the application of outer panel. In this essay we will review of recent progress or development in alloy of aluminium for amending the formability as well as surface quality in both type of alloy i.e. 6000 and 5000 aluminium alloy and also the discussion on response of brake hardening of 6000 alloy. Further we will discuss the recycling of aluminium alloys scraps.
The second example that we will take is brazing sheet. From more than last 10 years there were nice trend of increasing for replacing the copper- heat exchangers with other one produced from brazed aluminium. With the help of above mentioned two examples, we will come to know about the technical as well as commercial aspects of the aluminium automobile components production processes and engineering design & support of materials resources will also be in consideration.


The competition of material in the sector of automobile industries has been conventional comprehensive. Even since 1920s, Steel was the best suited material on the basis of its application for example application of steel in building construction and automobile also. The increase in requirement for amending the economy of fuel triggered by concerns regarding global warming as well as requirement of energy is also very important factor during the selection of materials
Let us consider one example of US government policy for automobile industries, US government has decided that automobile industries have to reduce the exhaust emission of vehicle, amend the safety of occupant as...

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