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The Application Of Multi Touch Interfaces Alongside The Live Synthesis And Manipulation Of Sound

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The purpose of this report is to evaluate the progression of this investigation; reviewing the initial tasks and reviewing the progression in each one as well as evaluating how they have changed in relation to the project and its aims will achieve this.

Initial Tasks
A1 – Find sources of information on various multi-touch methods.
In order to begin planning a Multi-Touch Interface (MTI) an in depth knowledge on existing MTI’s and how they work is required. To gain this knowledge and to ensure that it is accurate it is best to have a wide variety of sources to work from.
There is a well established online community that focuses on MTI’s called the Natural User Interface Group (NUI Group), they have a very active user base who are all interested in MT applications of some variety. The NUI Group have created a 100 page PDF that can be seen as an all encompassing manual for MT technologies covering various methods of creating a MTI and the theory behind each method as well as describing various techniques for programming MT applications. The NUI Group deals with both the software and hardware side of MTI’s however it has been found that the information regarding the hardware is much more applicable at this point in the investigation. This is not to say that the information on the software development is not informative however the majority of this information goes beyond the relevant depth of this investigation.
With this said he NUI group have provided many links to sources outside their forums that have proven to be highly applicable to this investigation Such as the MMF project which is based around MT applications for Max/MSP. It would also be appropiate to mention the reacTIVision group at this point as they can arguably be the most important group in the whole MT field as they have created the basic protocol that the majority of MTI’s use to interface the Hardware with the Software, it is called the TUIO protocol and will be gone into greater depth later on in this report as well as the MMF project.

A2 – Create a low cost prototype multi-touch interface to begin research into multi-touch interaction.
In order to begin testing MT applications it would be appropriate to build a simple interface, so it was done. The prototype interface in not a touch based interface but it works along the same principle, using IR light with a Wii controller which has a built in IR camera. Software is available online called Wiimote whiteboard, which allows the IR light blobs that can be tracked by the Wii controller to be converted into TUIO messages, which can be read by any program that can accept them.

A3 – Begin research into the most effective forms of multi-touch interfaces and how to construct them.
There are many different methods of creating a MTI however when it comes to homemade MTI’s they all work on the same basic principle; using IR light to track...

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