The Effectiveness Of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo And Juliet

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The Effectiveness of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet

Baz Lurhmann's modern version of Romeo and Juliet is very effective
because it relates to a younger audience which makes it more appealing
to watch. The audience can tell it is more modern e.g. there are cars,
skyscrapers, guns, televisions and music. The characters clothes tell
the audience that this film is modern. At the start of the film it
shows a television against a black background. This immediately tells
the viewers that it is modern. It is effective to have the play in a
more modern setting because when the Shakespeare classic is portrayed
in an old setting, many will not want to watch to movie. Also as it is
modern, more people can understand and realise what Shakespeare meant
in his text as he made this play many, many years ago.

To introduce the characters in this movie, Baz Luhrmann uses credits.
This effective because it helps the audience can remember the
characters. Also, freeze frames appear when credits are shown. This is
used to help the audience take in the information. This is effective
as you know who is doing what or speaking. This is better than
previous movies as you don't spend half the movie trying to figure out
who is on the screen.

Baz Luhrmann repeats the chorus, this helps the play lots as it uses
the chorus effectively. This gets the audience into the play more. He
gets people to read it in a newscaster voice and normal voice. He also
uses newspapers front pages to tell the chorus in a story form. He
uses the news programme to tell the chorus in a broadcast voice and he
uses words against a black back drop. These words are shown in jump
cuts. What is effective is that the words are in different words. Also
the letter "T" is shown as a cross. This gives the movie a religious

Baz Luhrmann uses operatic singing helps to build up suspense. This
helps the audience stay awake, focus and manipulates their emotions
with different styles of music. Also different music is played to show
different characters e.g. when Tybalt appears a cowboy/western music
portraying him as a person who is cool. This is very effective as it
describes the character before anything. The music is effective as it
gets the audience into movie (giving a sense of being there.) Also
sometimes there is just a flute playing. This gives the sense of
innocence for the movie

The two families are portrayed big rival corporate companies. They are
separated by Jesus. The thing that is supposed to bring them together
is separating them both. This is effective as it says religion is main
factor in this movie. Also it makes the town look divided by these two
skyscrapers. It is like two rival gangs having there own territory.

In the petrol scene, Baz Luhrmann emphasises...

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