The Effectiveness Of Brace Strategy In The Treatment Of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

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For many years the connection between scoliosis and brace strategy has continued to be a focus of medical and scientific research. This essay will critique and synthesise information from academic sources to evaluate the effectiveness of brace strategy in the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS). Scoliosis is diagnosed when the spin is displaced causing a sideward curve (Fagan, 2012). According to Pierce (2005), an estimate of 80% of scoliosis cases is unknown also known as idiopathic. During the pubertal growth spurt ages 10-14, is when AIS is detected (Escalada et al., 2009; Asher & Burton, 2006). The support and pressure points from the brace treatment prevent curve progress. This is where the curve doesn’t rise further 5 to 10 degree and also prevent surgery. (Fagan, 2012). The essay has been divided into three main section that will explore the link between scoliosis and the effectiveness of brace treatment. The three main themes in this essay will portray modification in brace strategy, impact of brace treatment on the wellbeing of adolescents and the effectiveness of brace treatment. There are scientific evidence that suggest bracing strategy is effective in the treatment of Idiopathic scoliosis in adolescence.
Modification in brace treatment has effectively degraded spinal curvature in skeletally immature patients. Increase spinal curvature in ALS can lead to reduce pulmonary function, decrease mobility and cause back pain (Sevastikoglou, Linderholm, & Lindgren, 1976). There has been numerous procedures followed such a as exercises, physiotherapy, massages and electrical stimulation, however bracing treatment is the only strategy that has been effective (Schiller, Thakur, & Eberson, 2010). A report investigated an 11 year olds case where thoracolumbosacral orthosis (TLSO) was the first type of brace used. In brace X-ray it displayed that the TLSO brace increased the curve. The second type brace, Cheneau-Rigo handmade followed the current deign shapes which decreased the Cobb angles by over 50% (Wood, 2014). Although a randomized and blind study was beneficial, further studies need to be obtained so the effectiveness of brace strategy can be more understood and not based on judgements. (Wood, 2014; Shaughnessy, 2007). The changes to the pad placements and brace design seem to have decrease the Cobb angle therefore improved scoliosis. The new brace decreased the thoracic and lumbar Cobb angles from 22 degrees and 22 degrees to 11 degrees and 10 degrees. (Wood, 2014). To improve brace treatment, computer-assisted design models is used for manufacture and fitting of the brace. Brace strategy is vastly a qualitative method, where the study relies on observational judgments made by orthotists and physicians as well as on the patient that wears the brace. There needs to be further studies that is more evidence based rather than empirical judgments. (Chan, Lou, & Hill, 2013). Improvements in brace treatment has modified the...

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