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The Power Of Drinking Essay

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Many people across the world deal with the problem of alcohol. Every year, hundreds to thousands of people die from either alcoholism or drunk driving. Most people do not understand what alcohol can do to the body and the long term effects of it. These days, teenagers are now starting to drink more alcohol than ever even though the age limit is twenty one. Also, friends have the biggest effect on other teenagers if they drink or not. Even though friends can have a huge connection on underage drinking for many teenagers, the law needs to be stricter to teenagers about drinking alcohol because alcoholics can put other people in danger.
Alcohol goes back for over one hundred years and is more power full than ever today. There are many different kinds of drinks that contain alcohol. The most common drinks are beer, whiskey, and hard liquors. Alcohol can control your actions and you can become very violent or not be able to drive or operate machinery. Teenagers are being show to alcohol in so many ways. About twenty percent of teens have a problem with alcohol use in the United States (Medline Plus 1). This means they get drunk, have accidents, and get into trouble with the law. Alcohol has different ingredients, and the most common one is ethanol. This is also used in cars, industrial solvent, and for raw materials in the chemical industry (Alcohol 2).
When people drink, some of them may have a higher alcohol tolerance than others. Usually people that have more body fat can drink more than a person with low body fat. Also if a person has been drinking for a long time will have a better alcohol tolerance because they are use to the alcohol. There are seven different levels of effects on alcohol. From .05 to .10 is slurred speech and reduced inhibitions. From .20 to .30 are confusion, euphoria, and motor impairment. Then from .50 and up is coma, respiratory paralysis, or even death (Medline Plus 2). The first major sign of alcoholism is if it takes that person a while to get drunk or even buzzed (Life’s Challenges 2). Alcoholism is a compulsive need for an intoxicating liquid like beer, wine, and hard liquors (Alcohol Addiction 1).
The main effect of drinking alcohol is the mental state that it puts you in. The most common effect mentally when an alcoholic is anxiety and depression. Also psychological well being can be affected long term. Some alcoholics may have metal health problems such as schizophrenia. There are also many different symptoms of the abuse of alcohol (Life’s Challenges 4). Confusion, organic brain syndrome, and psychosis may be connected with the abuse of alcohol (Prof. David J. Hanson, Ph.D. 4). There is also a chance that you may get panic disorders. Panic disorders are sometimes cause from withdraw, but it also may be cause by family or any other things that may be bothering the person, such as...

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