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The Effectiveness Of Prison Education Rehabilitation

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The prison system is a source of debate and criticism. Many people would agree that prisons are effective because they keep criminals who are deemed dangerous away from society. Of course, there are different levels of offenders requiring a lesser or greater level of security. Moore Solomon, a Criminal Justice Reporter for the New York Times and a former staff writer for the Los Angeles Times states, “140,610 out of 2.3 million inmates being held in jails and prisons across the country are serving life terms” (Solomon). Such a high number of incarcerations would indicate that most convicts in prison have-been or will-be released back into society after serving their sentence. With so many ...view middle of the document...

The result is cynicism, not only about prisoners and their chances for reform, but about our capacity as a society to do more than put prisoners away and hope they stay gone (16).
Americans should not forget that many prisoners have a second chance. Do not get me wrong, I am not talking about offenders who require a greater level of protection, such as rapists, serial killers, sex offenders and other dangerous citizens, but of those who have committed lesser violent crimes and are thrown behind bars. Lois M. Davis, who is a researcher at the Rand Corporation and professor at the Pardee Rand Graduate School, states the following about prisoners who had received in-prison Education: “Employment after release was 13 percent higher among prisoners who participated in either academic or vocational education programs than those who did not. Those who participated in vocational training were 28 percent more likely to be employed after release from prison than who did not receive such training” (Davis). Education Rehabilitation can give inmates some of the basic skills necessary to succeed in life. Jamie Hudsdon, a writer of the Carolina Reporter, tells the story of a man who succeeded with the help of a rehabilitation program after getting out of prison. “William Davis Harrison left prison in September 2004 with the clothes on his back and a good chance of ending up behind bars again. However, because of Greenville's Soteria World Outreach Ministry, Harrison, 46, now owns a home and a roofing business” (Hudsdon). Jerry Blassingame graduated from Columbia International University and Greenville Technical College. He is managerial director of Soteria World Outreach Ministries, which is a nonprofit organization that is located in Greenville South Carolina. Their target is rehabilitation services for ex-cons who have proven that they want to re-enter society as an effective citizen. Blassingame can honestly discern the predicaments that ex-cons face because he himself used to be one. He introduced Soteria while carrying out a 20-year sentence on drug charges. Paying professions and transit are the toughest elements for ex-cons to overcome when returning to society and Blassingame offers jobs and Education programs to conquer this.
It would be most beneficial if the US prison system could see more of a turnaround with offenders getting out of jail and making themselves useful to society. This will only happen if Education Rehabilitation continues to be refined and made more effective. Monica Frolander-Ulf and Michael F. Yates write, “The more schooling an imprisoned person receives the less likely he or she is to get in trouble upon release” (165). The effectiveness of an individual in society has largely to do with Education. Education increases ones knowledge of the workings of the world and gives them the ability to take appropriate steps to being...

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