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The Power Of Healing Essay

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The Power of Healing

There is always the right way to do something, then of course, there the other way. According to Webster's Ninth New College Dictionary, to be unconventional means to be out of the ordinary, not lacking originality or individuality. Therapeutic touch is unconventional. It is a method of healing using energy.

Therapeutic Touch (TT) is the practice of facilitating healing using Universal healing energy. It has been shown to help the sick or hurt, calm the feared and comfort those who need comfort. Because of it's different approach to helping restore health rather than the "normal" taking a pill, TT has not been readily accepted by many medical doctors. In A Doctor's guide To Therapeutic Touch, author Susan wager, M.D. states that Therputic Touch is different then normal medical procedures. "In evaluating any form of healing, weather conventional medicine or unconventional therapies we make basic assumptions about the healing process"(24)

Therapeutic Touch is done by concentrating one's energy, and directing this focused energy through one's hands to a person or animal. Physical contact is not always necessary, but sometimes is appropriate.

My mother, Barbara Cull-Wilby, PhD., R.N., has studied practiced and lived TT since 1987. When I was five years old, my family and I Lived in Rochester, New York. I wasn't accident prone, but I wasn't without adventure. While playing with friends, outside one day, I decided to attempt a flying act off my picnic table. Not long after my miraculous take off my forehead found it's way to the table's sharp edge. This of course resulted in a big gouge in my forehead with quite a bit of blood. I ran screaming into the house to find my mother, who had an office at home. Upon my arrival, into her office, I discovered she was with a client. My mother cleaned off my face, had her client apply pressure to my wound and then started to give me Therapeutic Touch. Amazingly, I calmed down and stayed quit on the floor. Therapeutic Touch not only works, it works wonders. For some reason TT is not very popular in hospitals. In a strange different and a little weird but how come it is not accepted.

In a hand out that my mother put out, she lists three underlying principles of Therapeutic Touch. " #1 a human being is an energy field." Meaning everyone has energy all around him or her, inside and out. This energy can be focused, with practice, to help in a positive way. "#2 A human being and the environment are continually, simultaneously, and mutually exchanging energy." This means that the energy that you have is not...

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