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The Effects And Values Of Rock Music

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What value, if any, does music have? If any values do exist, are they positive or negative ones? Renowned author Allan Bloom (1987), a professor of philosophy, believes that listening to rock music has a negative effect and has harmed the youths of America. He claims that rock music has no value whatsoever, except a negative influence. A majority of society today has grown up listening to some form of rock whether it b the likes of ?50?s standout Buddy Holly or the weird band Kiss. At the time, these musicians had some form of value on their listeners, whether it is for the better or for the worse. Much to the chagrin of Allan Bloom (1987), individual people decide whether or not rock music holds any kind of value and that is usually determined on whether or not they like the sound of it, but on top of this, rock music can hold both positive and negative values.Through the history of rock music, the style of music has changed drastically as well as the lyrics. In the early ?50?s, a young man named Elvis Presley came along and created a new sound. He went down in history as the original creator of rock music. Even back during this time period, issues about the value of his music arose. Criticizers often brought up points about how Elvis?s songs brought out bad qualities in people and that his music holds no value to it. Now a days, his music is widely accepted and today?s modern rockers are the ones feeling the heat. Why is this the case? I believe that today?s society considers Elvis?s music, along with the other early rockers music, to hold an important value today. The value that these early rockers have is the fact that they were the first to play such a type of music, therefore setting the path for today?s modern rockers. These facts are what hold value to most of today?s society. When today?s society looks back on rock and roll, they usually take pride or value in knowing were this type of music can from or what is was based on. A modern day example of this point is today?s modern musicians remaking a popular song in the past. When the metal band Metallica remake the popular Bob Segar song ?Turn the Page?, people today value artists like Bob Segar who inspired today?s rock and rollers. Although society has changed and Elvis?s music now hold some value to it, today?s modern rockers are taking the heat because they have nothing to fall back on or related to. In another thirty years down the line, maybe today?s modern rock and rollers music will be looked upon as holding value to it listeners while the music of the future will be the one take all the criticism.Even though today?s musicians are the ones who are being picked on, some of artists and their lyrics can have a positive effect on the listener. Some lyrics in songs tend to deliver a certain message or encouraging statement to its listener. Although it may only reach out to a certain type of a listener, this message can be consider an important value. For example, most love songs tend to...

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