The Effects Of The Internet And The Global Media Market

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The creation of the internet dawned a new way of life for the world in which we live. The internet defies time and space and helps make communication easier and extremely fast, it also helps with networking and connecting people from all over the world making the global implications of the internet absolutely fascinating. Because of this new wave of technology people across the globe are able to communicate and do business with one another on a completely different level. This essay will seek to analyze the global media market the internet has created by researching the history of the internet, its move to a global stand and the global applications that it offers.
History of the Internet
To understand the current global market of the internet, one must first understand how the internet was built. The internet initially started out as the APARNET in the 1960’s, it was set up by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) in September of 1969. ARPA created ARPANET as a way to mobilize research sources in order to build up technological military superiority over the Soviet Union. The original goal was to create an interactive computer network, after this was successful. Scientists wanted to find a way to make the connection to other computers; this created the new concept of a “network of networks” (Castells, 2001: p. 11).
In 1975 ARPANET was transformed by the Defense Communication Agency to make secure connections among the different military branches, which became known as MILNET. ARPANET then became dedicated to research factors and was renamed the Internet and in the 1980’s the Defense Department wanted to commercialize the Internet and there for financed computer manufacturers. By the 1990’s most computers had networking capabilities and service providers had begun popping up and building their own networks. Netscape Navigator was the first commercial browser and Microsoft followed soon after, with its own browser known as Internet Explorer. This was a significant point in the history of the internet because it was the beginning of the Internets move towards the global market, in his book The Internet Galaxy, Manuel Castells states that ‘thereafter the internet grew rapidly as a global network of computer networks’(Castells, 2001: p.9-15). With the creation of ISP’s (Inter Service Providers), individuals and businesses around the world were able to access the internet from their homes or offices, and public places such as; airports, hotels, internet cafes and even on street corners. In his book The Internet and Society, James Sleven states that ‘in most industrialized countries of the world, by the end of the millennium the digital economy was growing at double the rate of the overall economy’(Sleven, 2000: p.33-34)
The Internet and the Global Media Market
The internet has aided immensely in the growth and expansion of the global media market. The internet gives people the ability to connect and communicate with each other...

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