The Effects Branding Has On A Company Media Class Research Paper

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Sarah Daughtry
R. Aipperspach
21 November 2018
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The dictionary version of branding is stated: “The process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer's' mind, mainly through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.”(BusinessDictionary) However, the term “branding” didn’t always start out as a way of advertising. Back in the 2000 BC, it was use on cattle and different items that showed others this was your property and to keep walking. It wasn’t until about the 1800’s when the New World was discovered, that the word transitioned into “ this is my product, buy it from me.” ( How The Brand Continues ) Over, the years branding has been used for a number of things, but it all surrounds that of making money. Therefore, it is up to the different companies to stay in tune with what is happening and reach it’s audience in order to make the most buck. A brand becomes successful when it’s uniqueness or what comes to your mind when you hear the product is understood by the mass majority of the population. There are two different companies that have established the art of branding.
The first brand is one that everyone knows and loves from the start of time: Coca-Cola. Coca- Cola was created by a man known as Dr. John Pemberton and throughout its years it has been known for it’s ever changing logo. Starting back in 1886 when it first came out and they made their first trademark. This was possible because of Pemberton’s bookkeeper Frank Robinson who believed the two c’s would make for great advertising. Over the next few years the company continued to change it’s logo, some examples of this would be around 1950 their logo was famous for the Tail Tweak, which made the two “c’s” look like a tail connecting the two words, this is still used in today’s time. Through the logo has changed throughout time, the reason behind this ever changing product has reminded the same. This company knew branding was the key part in setting their product aside from the next.
To use branding correctly, you must connect to the consumer, which is exactly what coca- cola does. For example, to celebrate their 10th anniversary they decided to introduced the “New Coke”, which they changed some ingredients, just to try something new. However, when people found out about this they were outraged and the start of “bring my coca- cola back” began. Before the new coke could hit the shelves, everyone went crazy and stocked up on there original, which made the sells increase rapidly. And then the “Classical Coca- Cola” was born and peace was brought back into the world. What might not have started out as a way to make buck, ended up promoting the company tremendously.
Later, another example of good branding from coca- cola was in Australia when sales were...

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