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The Effects Climate Change Has On Agriculture And Livestock

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Climate change is one of the major issues surfacing earth over the past century. The earth’s temperature has increased over the years; having effects on the economic and life sources of people, especially through agricultural production and livestock’s. According to the Oxford dictionary, climate change is a change in global climate patterns apparent from the mid late 20th century. There are numerous factors that are solely responsible for this change which are both natural and man-made causes. Climate change has led to a decrease in quality and quantity of plant produce and livestock as a result of heat stress, drought and an increase in diseases.
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The health of beef cattle’s will be hindered such as the growth of them. This will have a great influence on the production of beef products because when they are under heat stress they refuse to take in much food which will lead to the lack in health and growth and eventually death.
Drought is a factor of climate change that causes severe damages to agriculture and livestock. The effects of drought on agricultural production and livestock holding can be a detrimental issue and result in quality dissatisfaction of products. The agricultural industry can be affected by drought both economically and environmentally. The economical effects of drought on crops and animals can lead to the loss of money and time. When droughts occur farmers lose money because they will have to spend more money earned from their produce before or from their own pockets to fix damages caused , which can help lead to unemployment. There are numerous effects of drought environmentally on agriculture and livestock. As noted in the National Drought Mitigation Center, some of these include the loss of livestock, the lack of food and water, the rise of disease in animals, erosions of the soil and a result in poor quality soil. Also, drought causes the level of crop production to fall according to ILRI. This fall in crop production is due to the lack of rainfall and results in insufficient harvests and loss of live stock. When crops face high concentration of drought the pasture growth lags and fodder supplies becomes rare. This causes lost of livestock’s that leads up to minimum dung availability which is an important factor to induce crop growth.

Climate change rarely causes plant disease but instead enhances it. The effects of climate change on plants are due to the type of crop and the region it is grown. Diseases such as fungal disease are dispersed through wind and this helps to spread plant diseases. The rise in the temperature can help to increase plant diseases which may result in a decrease of crop production. According a report from the University of Hertfordshire, found on science, and it seemed to be that within the next 20 years...

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