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The Effects My Pregnancy Had On Me

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There are many teenage mothers, I am one of them: Being pregnant can have many different effects on a person’s life. In the next paragraphs I am going to explain how my pregnancy has affected me in multiple different ways. Although my pregnancy has affected my relationship and me mentally, the changes I have made will make me a great mother.

How my pregnancy has affected my relationship. Through our relationship it has always just been the two of us. Now unplanned and never discussed, we immediately have to accept and plan for a third person not just in our home but in our lives as well. We always had to just worry about the two of us. For example, were the two of us would eat or ...view middle of the document...

For example, I get angry and easily frustrated more often and occasionally get depressed for unknown reasons. The second reason, my boyfriend will be leaving to the Air Force in a couple months, and this will be the longest time we will ever have been away from each other since we met: This is a very emotion time for me right now. I’m accepting the fact there is a person growing inside of me. For example, I feel pretty normal for being pregnant and also still am not showing, I also don’t feel the baby so the reality of being pregnant has not kicked into action quite yet. I have learned a lot from my experiences of being pregnant; therefore I feel I will be a good mother.

Having gone through the conflicts with my boyfriend has also strengthened our relationship; it has also made me stronger as an individual as well. Even though becoming a parent is a scary thing I will be a great mother. Even with this part of our life was not planned; we have pulled ourselves together and prepared each other physically and mentally for when the baby arrives. My...

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