The Effects Napoleon Had On France

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The Effects Napoleon Had on France

Napoleon was he good, bad or both. This essay looks at the qualities
that made him a fine leader at times and a not so fine one at others.
Some called him confused others said he had a vision this essay looks
at the truth and essence behind Napoleon.

Between 1799 and 1815, the fate of France was in the hands of Napoleon
Bonaparte. Through his rule, he was a very intelligent man. This
helped to conquer many countries and won him many wars. He was a hard
working man and came with an impact to France. When he was an upcoming
general, France welcomed him warmly. He brought up the French army and
in this aspect, he was indeed a good thing for the French.

Napoleon rose to power through the ranks of the army. As he was in
Franceduring the revolution, he took this chance to show his skills.
His most memorable part of the revolution was when he fought in the
siege of the Toulon in 1793. With force came control and some
historians think that this is what Napoleon always had in the back of
his mind when it came to become a key leader of the nation France.
Another thing that made Napoleon so great was his luck. Napoleon's
army in some incidents were able to sneak past their opponents to gain
the upper hand in battle. He was also very image conscious and this
helped him in the eyes of France.

Napoleon crowned himself emperor of France in 1804. There are several
pictures showing Napoleon physically crowning himself emperor. This
shows that Napoleon is forcing his way to power in France and some
didn't like it but they were soon forgotten. Other photos show the
pope being present while Napoleon was being crowned. This suggests
that Napoleon was chosen by God but this wasn't the case. In fact, you
could say he was chosen by himself.

Although Napoleon crowned himself emperor, he did deserve it. He won
the battle of the pyramids which brought France numerous...

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