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The Effects Of 9/11 On Airport Security

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The September 11th attacks have had a profound effect on American history. Often referred to as “9/11”, these attacks were comprised of a group of organized terrorists known as Al-Qaeda. This extreme Islamic group assaulted several landmarks in New York City, Washington D.C, and the state of Pennsylvania. In New York City, two airliner jets were hijacked with passengers aboard and slammed into the World Trade Center. “The next attack resulted in a plane colliding into the Pentagon, government building; the last attack was in Pennsylvania when a plane crashed into a field. In total, 3,000 people died on September 11th, 2001” ( Staff). The September 11th-attacks have affected ...view middle of the document...

com). Furthermore, when the first plane struck New York City’s World Trade center most people thought what occurred was an accident.

Since September 11th, there have been many changes in the day-to-day work life flight crews. Flight attendant veteran, Heather Poole knows first hand about the changes flight attendants went through in the years since 9/11. She has been a flight attendant for a major airline for sixteen years. In an on article on CNN entitled Flight Attendant: How 9/11 changed my job, Poole reflects on her job pre 9/11 and post 9/11. Poole commented that training for flight attendants has changed after the attacks. She states,”In training, instead of learning how to serve caviar without clinking the tiny silver spoon against the plate, flight attendants were taught something new: karate” (Poole, Heather). Airline companies and flight attendants have to be more alert, and advanced planning is paramount to avert another catastrophe. Learning martial arts is not the only thing flight attendants must learn; They are trained to be aware of possible distractions that could jeopardize the flight’s security.before going aboard an airplane (Poole). Lastly, Poole says that even patient care has changed since 9/11. “When a passenger becomes ill during flight today, we have to consider that it might be a diversion to distract us from something else” (Poole). The effects of 9/11 have affected the job of flight attendants as they are now required to learn martial arts, they must always have a plan for emergencies, and they always have to be on the look out for threats.

The Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, was formed as...

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