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The Effects Of A Lack Of Sleep

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Insomnia; is also known as a deficiency of sleep or sleep deprivation. People with this condition are apt to suffer from inadequate sleep and more likely to battle depression, have poor concentration, and be involved in an auto accident; from a lack of focus. These issues followed by prolonged periods of time; can cause a person some sort of health issues, whether mental or physical.(Harvard Medical School)
Sleep deprivation alters the production and action of some hormones, dampening the secretion of thyroid stimulating hormone and increasing blood levels, this shows mostly during the afternoon and evening hours. Higher cortisol levels are distinctive to much older subjects and are thought ...view middle of the document...

This causes food cravings after we have eaten enough to which we meet our calorie intake. A person of this condition is more likely to eat foods that are sweet to satisfy the food cravings and get a quick energy boost. This may leave the person feeling tired and burnt out and not having the energy to burn off the extra calories. (University of Chicago)
Insomnia is known to be the most common classification of sleep disorders. It was estimated that thirty to forty million American have difficulty staying asleep, falling asleep or waking earlier than they would like to, and cannot get back to sleep. Most people settle that this is just a part of life, and the poor quality of sleep proceeds to eat away at the quality of life that could be attained. This seems to be a silent menace that people do not seem to take seriously and could be dealt with through medicine, melatonin, exercise and learning how to deal with stress. Seeing that insomnia can affect a person’s behavior; such as violent to lethargic behaviors, it should be given more thought in the seriousness in addressing this problem.
Sleep deprivation studies have proven to be a problem in adolescent health as well as adult health and is linked to a large range of negative outcomes. In the adolescent studies researchers have discovered out of 14,382 subjects with fifty percent females; the youth that slept five or less hours were more prone to violent delinquency behaviors than the youth that slept the recommended 8-10 hours. It is something that has been prevalent, but rarely researched to see if the problem starts from insufficient sleep.
Many people deal with physical fatigue, lack of focus and moodiness, not realizing that this could all be the effects of a lack of sleep. This condition, when left unattended on a regular basis; the consequences could be long-term health problems. On the other side; people that regularly receive an adequate amount of sleep are more expected to experience a greater well-being, and an overall better health history than those that do not.
Wake sleep episodes or circadian rhythm sleep disorders are other types of sleep disorder. There are more than 100 different waking and sleeping disorders. Examples of these are: insomnia, excessive...

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