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The Effects Of A Single Parent Home On Teens

3988 words - 16 pages

Introduction 1
Problem Statement 2
Aims and Objectives 3 – 4
Statement of Problem 5
Sociological Perspective 6
Literature review 7 – 9
Research Design 10
Sampling 11
Data Collection 12 - 13
Presentation of Data 14 – 18
Discussion of Findings 19 – 20
Bibliography 21
Appendix 22 – 25

The family is the primary agent of socialization in which a child is exposed to at birth. Additionally, the family has been in existence for as long as man can remember. This research paper will seek to determine the various reasons why the single parent family exists in the community of Hopewell, Hanover as the family should be to socialize children into adult personalities which are relevant for life and also for psychological and emotional support. However the researcher became involved in this topic as the researcher wanted to find out the real reasons behind single parent families. It is the hope of the researcher that by researching this topic on single parent families and how it affect youths in the community of Hopewell, Hanover..
Single parent family is a community problem, a family problem, and a personal problem all rolled up in one. It is not the choice of the teenager but they are the ones who are most affected as they might have been close to one or both of the parents who are divorced and have to face the consequences and sometimes it affects them for the rest of their lives because they might not want the same thing to happen to them so they withdraw from future relationships with men.

Assess how single parent families affect youths in the community of Bamboo Drive.

1. What are the roles of the family
2. What are the ways in which single parent...

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