The Effects Of Abortion That You Don't Know About

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The Effects of Abortion That You Don't Know About
Many women that choose to have an abortion do not realize that it is a dangerous surgery with serious side effects. These side effects are both physical and psychological. Having an abortion is unnatural and interrupts this function of the human body. “The women’s body naturally resists the abortion, causing physical and emotional problems” (“Who does Abortion Affect?”). Almost all of the women who had abortions feel that they have made the wrong decision. The women are not informed about the side effects of abortion. Many women that had abortions said their doctors gave “little or no information about the potential health risks which might follow the surgery” (“Who does Abortion Affects?”). A Supreme Court decision in 1986 stated that women do not have to be informed about the health risks before the abortion (“Who does Abortion Affects?”). Unfortunately, these women learn about the adverse effects of abortion when it is too late.
There are many long-term physical side effects of having an abortion that many people do not realize. The worst complication is death. The mother may die of complications related to the abortion such as hemorrhaging, intense bleeding. Another adverse effect is the risk of infection of the uterus caused by the exposure to the outside environment. Women may get an embolism (blood cot). Abortionists may give the mother anesthesia, giving her the wrong dosage. The woman may get entopic tubal Pregnancies, which are pregnancies outside of the uterus. The most common place for these pregnancies is in the fallopian tubes. These related health problems are the fifth leading cause of maternal death in the United States (“A List of Major Physical Sequelae Related to Abortion”). Another effect on the mother is an increased risk of breast cancer, which is life threatening. The risk of breast cancer increases almost twice as much with each abortion performed. The mother is also prone to cervical, ovarian, and liver cancer. This is related to the disruption of the hormonal changes in the woman’s body during pregnancy and untreated cervical damage (“A List of Major Physical Related to Abortion”).
There are other complications that are not life threatening but are still dangerous to the mother’s health. One example is uterine perforation, occurring when the abortionist misses the child with his knife and cuts the mother’s uterus. This may cause hemorrhaging and complications in childbirth later on. The uterus now cannot hold a child and may rip; causing problems in birth that may lead to the death of the child. Prominent damage to the uterus may require a hysterectomy (“A List of Major Physical Sequelae Related to Abortion”). Another complication is cervical lacrations, which are the tearing of the cervix. These are prominent in childbirth also. These lacerations cause major hemorrhaging and may...

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