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The Effects Of Age And Binge Drinking

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There aren’t any secrets that cover the fact that alcohol may affect the liver and are the leading cause of automobile accidents. Drinking alcohol requires maturity in order to drink responsibly. Lowering the drinking age to 18 would not be an ideal occurrence. Drinking alcohol can cause mental, physical and emotional damage to people of any age. Many doctors could attest and the average people of society would agree that the lowering the minimum drinking age to 18 would be absurd being that that teens have not yet reached an age where they can handle alcohol responsibly, thus are more likely to harm or even kill themselves and others by drinking prior to 21 (ProConorg Headlines).
A complete ban of alcohol will not serve as a reasonable method of lowering any type of drinking as proved in 1933 when prohibition ended. Practical restrictions should be able to suffice, however in some instances lowering the legal drinking age from 21 did not stop teen drinking but it was instead displaced. The problem has driven underage binge drinking into private and less controlled environments, such as homes that do not have proper guardians or colleges where a large amount of the population are teens. They have just gotten out of high school and are at a high risk for peer pressure from the older students and clubs and Greek organizations (Hanson, 2010). The legal age of drinking is a timeless argument that has pondered the minds of many throughout the years. Organizations such as MADD (Mothers
Against Drunk Driving) argue that high school students using alcohol are expected to drop out of school or believe that their grades aren’t important as compared to high school students that do not drink alcohol. This is valued to be accurate. Binge drinking is defined drinking excessively during an extended period of time typically at least two days. During that time, a person repeatedly becomes intoxicated and gives up his or her usual activities and obligations in order to become intoxicated (Wechsler, 1995). MADD avidly support the 21year old drinking age. They contend that traffic fatalities decreased when the legal drinking age increased, unplanned teen pregnancy decreased, and naturally the teens performed better in school (MADD.Org). In New York City there are...

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