The Effects Of Alcohol On The Marital Interactions Of Aggressive And Non Aggressive Husbands

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The Effects of Alcohol on the Marital Interactions of Aggressive and Non-Aggressive Husbands

In today's world of marriage it seems as if everyday there are more and more divorces and separations between couples. What this Psychological study examined was maybe the biggest negative effector of these relationships and that is the mixture of alcohol and problem solving in marital interactions. Alcohol in excessive nature was reported in the violence surveys consistently. Many wives of these husbands that have been battered reported their husbands as either heavy drinkers or problem drinkers. Leonard and Roberts's study showed 40-60% of these woman labeled their husbands as alcoholics. Reports also have shown that husbands that are frequently drunk have had a higher rate of violence reported toward their spouses.
The past experimental studies have shown alcohol consuming by males to cause aggression towards other males, but no other studies have been conducted showing alcohol consumption effect on marital aggression. Thus, Leonard and Roberts study is the first thanks to the conflict-resolution paradigm created by researchers of marital aggression. In this paradigm married couples are recorded on videotape and the research is caterorigized in to forms of aggression shown by the couples. There have been other studies conducted on aggression of husbands on their wives that have shown to be reasonably coherent. These past studies have shown violent husbands tend to insult their wives, and differ with their beliefs, the aggressive men tended to yell and to give very aggressive gestures. A past study had tested figures that were non-alcoholics and were given alcohol and a particular world topic to speak about. The study did not show aggression between the figures, although the people were not necessarily married and there was not a placebo used in these studies, which could not prove that the psychopharmacological effects and cognitive expectancy impact would influence aggression.
There, were 2 groups, which Leonard and Roberts used for their study. The groups that they used was a group of physically aggressive married couples where the husband had shown some form of physical abuse towards their wife within the first year of their marriage. The second group was a group of married couples in which the husband did not physically abuse their wives. They stated 2 hypothesis for their effect of alcohol on the study, the study in which the alcohol was taken by the husband they expected to see a great increase in aggression by the husband towards their wives by the couples which had stated past aggressive behavior. They did expect a little aggression in the couples that had no prior aggressive behavior, but far less that in the other couples.
The participants that they recruited were 60 couples of past aggressive occurrences and 75 couples of no past aggressive behavior. The couples were paid and transported for the study. ...

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