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The Effects Of Ammonium Nitrate On C Fern Spore Germination

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The effects of ammonium nitrate on c-fern spore germination

Michail Zakher U18214983
Devon Mitchell
Jayde Slimak
Duy Nguyen

Bsc 2011L section 019

Date submitted 2/28/14

Organisms need their own set of nutrients. These nutrients are what help the cell survive so that the whole organism could survive. Organisms have their own set of nutrients. On earth there are three domains of life. These domains are the bacteria, Archaea, and eukarya (Brooker et al. 2013) most of the cells that are being researched and examined are cells in the domain Eukarya because cells in this domain usually exists in a multicellular complex. In the domain eukarya, the genus that was examined in this lab was Ceratopteris, which is also called c-fern; this plant is used in research to see how plant growth is affected by various changes that affect plant growth. (Lloyd, 1973) The reason that c-fern is used to do research is because of it’s developmental process. The reason why their life cycle is so unique is because it has a biphasic life cycle that has two independent diploid and haploid generations. (Hickok et al., 1995) This is useful because the haploid and the diploid can be isolated which will provide information on how each variable effect each different stage during each life cycle. (Hickok et al., 1995) another advantage of why c-ferns are used in research is because of their short life cycle. After inoculation, germination occurs in the following 3-4 days and full sexual maturity occurs between 6-8 days after germination. After one to two weeks, roots and leaves start to appear on the diploid sporophyte. (Hickok et al., 1995) these are the main reasons why c-ferns were chosen to see the effects of nitrogen on.
All plants including c-ferns need nitrogen in order to function properly. These plants need nitrogen because it is a main component for enzymes and proteins. (Nachurs, n.d.) the effects of ammonium nitrate on the c-ferns is what will be tested in this experiment. Another experiment that was done by Whittier and Melan presented that spore germination and growth was greatly affected by the nitrogen that was supplied to the plant. This effect was in direct correlation with the oxidation level of the nitrogen that provided to the plant. (Melan,...

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