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The effects of an environmental business
In this report I will be choosing one business to research in to. I will be exploring, assessing and evaluating the effects and changes in the environment such as the external, internal and competitive factors. Having research evidence through this report. For this assignment I have chosen to write a report on Tesco, creating a SWOT and PESTLE analysis.
Background: Tesco is a Public limited company, a British multinational grocery store. Founded by Jack Cohen when he began selling surplus groceries from a stall in the East End of London in 1919. The first brand product sold was Tesco Tea, this was before the store was even named Tesco. The first expansion on the business was brought on Angel Road, Edmonton, north London that was built for the new headquarters and warehouse. Being the first modern food warehouse in the country. The strap line was launched in 1993 ‘Every little help’s’ which then attracted 1.3 million new customers. Currently the store is the country’s largest retailer and fourth-largest in the world. They are also still expanding online. It has over 6,902 stores, trading in different country such as, India, Hungary, Poland and China. Retailing many different products such as books, clothing, electronics, furnisher, toys, petrol and software. The current revenue for Tesco is £54.433 billion with over 476,000 employees.
The external environment: external environment has influenced many businesses such as the retail outlets and many business have needed to shut down due to...

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