The Effects Of Being Addicted To Your Cell Phone

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Have you ever wondered why you keep staring at that phone every 5 seconds? Some people never let go of their phones, and carry it around wherever they go. Cell phone addiction has plagued millions of people, ages ranging from 11 to 57 (Gorily 1). Due to the mass addiction to cell phones, it has affected our behavior, our economy and including our environment.
The younger generations are losing communication skills due to their addiction to their cell phones. Personally I do not own a cell phone, but from my personal experience in playing video games it made me lose social skills. I became more attached to technology and wanted less interactions with people. The most common factor in lack of social skills would be due to texting (Gormly 3). With the lack of communication, people are becoming less and less capable of expressing basic emotions and basic needs. The ability to communicate behind a screen versus face to face gives one confidence in their social skills but at the same time it hinders them from experiencing actual communication.
“Cell phones have also created less unity with families and the people around them. While waiting for food at a restaurant, a person will be looking at their work e-mails, and in turn make the other person feel less important. Another uncomfortable and rude situation is when a person invites a friend over, and the entire time she/he is waiting for a text or is texting another friend. The next generation (or so) is not going to ever be able to connect with another person, confront someone, or talk to someone face to face. People skills will have rapidly declined, because when a person is writing, he or she feels safe. He is more secure and more confident that he would be in person (which could lead back to bullying).”
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Adding to the list of negative effects, cell phone addiction is causing illiteracy to children and the generations to come. Many cell phone addicts, for example teenagers, use everyday “text language” that keeps growing today. Key words such as “OMG” or “LOL” are widely spread and known almost by anyone, heck even an old man would know. Teenagers are starting to pronounce words by how they sound instead of how it should be spelled. Using such phrases is tolerable from adults because of life experience, so they understand how to spell certain words. But children that grow up using these terms and text language won’t be able to socialize efficiently and they grow up to become illiterate. Studies show that students in middle school have literacy and grammar scores that are two times lower than that of middle school students 20 years ago in the United States. Our children are becoming more illiterate and cell phones are one of the major offenders (Gormly 12).
Cell phones are a great piece of technology, but because of that it affects our economy. Cell phone bills, production, car insurance rates and land lines are all affected because of the usage of cell phones....

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