The Effects Of Bullying On Childhood Development

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Bullying is everywhere; it takes place in the home, office, cyberspace and schools; bullying is especially common in schools. Schools are supposed to be a haven for children to learn and build educational and social skills. However, the ill effects of bullying are disrupting children’s education, social skills, and lives. According to a youth risk and behavior survey (2011), approximately 20% of students in grades nine through twelve have been bullied (Heintz 1).
Bullying was once thought as a normal part of childhood development; however, in recent years bullying is classified as a major health concern (Tusinski 10). Bullying can have dire effects on children’s psychological and social development. As stated by Karin Tusinski, “victims of bullying often experienced problems of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem, as well as difficulties at school” (11). In addition, the aftereffects of bullying can follow children throughout adulthood; therefore, it is critical to eliminate bullying from the start to ensure it does not cause long lasting effects on its victims. Parents and students must be educated on the effects of bullying in hopes of thwarting it.

What is Bullying? “Bullying is the use of force, threat or coercion to abuse, intimidate or aggressively impose domination over others” (Heintz 1). In principle, bullying can be viewed as a form of physical or psychological violence; which is usually repetitive in nature. Bullying comes in three forms, physical, social, and verbal abuse (Heintz 1). Physical abuse is generally a form of violence, such as kicking, punching, slapping and pushing. Verbal abuse can come in the form of insults, threats, sexual and racial slurs. Social abuse can come in the form of bad rumors, exclusion, and public humiliation; social abuse can ruin children’s entire social development and reputation. All these forms of abuse can affect children’s mental development and lead to psychological issues. Before delving further, it is essential to understand the cause of bullying.
Why are children bullied? Children are bullied for various reasons; some bullies bully others as a display of supremacy, for sport, to elevate their social status, and to feel better about themselves, sometimes there is a larger picture behind why children bully other children. For instance, children sometimes bully others because they are faced with problems or oppression at home; this can lead to children taking their frustrations out on others. Another reason why kids are bullied is due to them not fitting into the social norm; this generally results in them being perceived as odd or different. For example, kids are picked on for the way they look; if they are overweight or too skinny. Children are picked on for not having name brand clothes, shoes and accessories. Children are also bullied due to their sexual orientation or if they are perceived as being homosexual. Whatever the reason for bullying, it is unethical and should not be...

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