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The Effects Of Classical Civilizations On The Modern World

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Classical civilizations are civilizations that influence later societies. The four classical civilizations have had a great impact on many other civilizations. Another example of a classical civilization besides Greece is Rome. Classical civilizations have had both a positive and negative affect on the modern world. From around 1750- 133 B.C.E., discrimination based on gender arose in classical Greece.
When Greece developed, it did not form a centralized government, but instead formed a collection of city-states, or polis. Because of Greece’s mountainous terrain, the empire was not unified and upper class men ruled each city-state. As a result of Greece’s isolation, each city-state developed different cultures, like Athens and Sparta. Because of the different cultures all throughout Greece, gender roles differed from polis to polis. Because Greece adopted ideas from Mesopotamia and Egypt, the Greek poleis developed as generally patriarchal, though women were given slightly more rights than previous societies (regents rb?). Some Greek city-states developed as more patriarchal than others. For example, women had more rights in Sparta than in Athens. In Athens, women were very restricted. Upper class women lived secluded lives away from the men, while lower class women were exposed to the outside world because they had to work (fofweb). Women in Athens were inferior to men socially and politically, and were excluded from politics, along with slaves (Barrons rb). When Athens became a direct democracy, where the people voted on issues, women could not vote. Only male opinions were included in the vote and only men made up the Athenian assembly because women were mostly restricted in political affairs, rather than religious (school.eb). Even though Athenian women were denied many rights, they often became priestesses, served as goddesses, and learned to read and write (textbook?). However, in Sparta, women were given more rights, even though it was still patriarchal. Since...

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