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The Effects Of Coke : A Complete Science Project

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Hypothesis and Background Research I decided to do my science project on Coca-Cola. I wanted to know why drinking too much coke always made my teeth yellow. My dentist tells me that coke is bad for my teeth but I also wondered if it affected other materials. I asked the question , "How does Coke affect certain materials."1 I surfed the net for information on Coke. I found good things and bad things about this product. Some people use Coke to clean their toilets while other people us if to clean antique coins. There were many myths behind Coke, from who invented it, or it being able to dissolve a nail in 4 days. I went to the official Coca-Cola web site and put together a time line from when Coke was first being sold to present day.1886- sold 9 glasses a day.1887- sold for 5 cents a glass.1890- one million serving of coke were sold.1895- Coca-Cola was stored in jugs.1899- 100 million servings of Coca-Cola were sold.1900- Gave out free coupons.1902- 200 million servings of Coca-Cola were sold.1906- Cuba, Canada and Panama were the first three countries to bottle Coca-Cola outside of the United States.1907- One Billion servings of Coca-Cola sold.1909- Coca-Cola was delivered by horse drawn carriage.1910- Two Billion servings of Coca-Cola were sold.1912- Other companies try to copy Coca-Cola.1914- Between 1914 and 1919 eight million servings of Coca-Cola were purchased making total of servings to Ten Billion 1929- Bell shaped glasses were made.1931- Santa first appears on Coca-Cola bottle.1935- First standardized coin-operated vending machines were in use.1944- Coca-Cola gives overseas troops a taste of home.1944- 100 Billion servings of coke were served.1950- Coca-Cola was the first product to be on the cover of Time Magazine.1952- 200 Billion servings of Coca-Cola were served.1958- 300 Billion servings of Coca-Cola were served.1960- 12 ounce cans were made.1962- 400 Billion servings were served.1964- First flip-flop cans.1973- One trillion servings of Coca-Cola were served.1978- Coca-Cola comes to China.1982- two Trillion servings of Coca-Cola were served.1985- New recyclable plastic cans were invented.1986- Coca-Cola's Birthday.1990- Coke has become a world wide industry.1993- Coke Bear stars for Coca-Cola 1997-...

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