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The Effects Of Color On Impatient Users

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Building a webpage can be a long and vigorous journey. Like every good voyage it can be challenging and may seem impossible at times, but the end will be glorious and worth every minute you put into it. Before you make a webpage you must understand a very important concept first. The color and design is what makes your website flow and the user is everything. If your user is dissatisfied or your webpage is a big clump of mangled links and jpegs you might want to either give up on life, or start from scratch and rethink the design. Don’t worry though, anyone can make a good page if you they truly try. What makes a webpage so amazing? Is it awesome implementation of the best technology? Is it ...view middle of the document...

-Stu Greenham Web Designer/Developer-
Colors effect people. They really do. It can be something like high blood pressure to extreme claustrophobia. Yes, colors can impact users physically as well as mentally. Red can bring anger and raise blood pressure. Red can also invoke love and compassion. Blue can
make you feel sad or cool depending on the whether it’s lighter or darker. This lowers blood pressure and increases suicide tendencies. Respiration rates have also been known to fluctuate depending on the environment of websites. Color is a very big factor in the utilization of memories in users. Take note that certain saturations can literally hurt your users. Don’t make them hurt. Make sure your webpage is pretty and doesn’t hurt their eyes or make them scream from bad clash of color choices. An uncomfortable user may and will turn and run on a dime. If you can strike at these memories you can quite possibly win them over. Colors can affect people in so many ways it’s unimaginable. Think carefully before deciding what colors to use together. Although the literature contains major gap on the use and effects of color, one writer found that color does influence behavior and that it can be harnessed to influence productive function and improve the quality of life. Such issues as way finding, highlighting and camouflaging particular areas and mood enhancement can all be influenced by the use of color. -NSW DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH-
It is very important to know and understand how your users think and react. Your users are what puts bread on the table and your children at school. If you can get inside their heads and know what exactly is going on in there then maybe you can predict what they want and how to things better for them. There are a few things that are just standards in what users want. One of which is simplicity. A very common phrase among techy people is “Keep it stupid simple”. What this means is in fact also very simple. Don’t try to go outside the bounds of the project to much. It may look cool, but it’s not what users want. They want to be able to find what they want right away. They also don’t want to...

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