The Effects Of Cramming For An Exam

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Stressing about an approaching deadline or an upcoming test is nothing new to most people, especially students. The manner in which both business professionals and students handle the stress is quite similar. The majority of people who often find themselves in this situation say that they stay up most of the night, if not all the night, preparing and reviewing information. As the standards for a quality education continue to increase rapidly, students find themselves having less and less time to prepare for approaching exam dates. The pressure to succeed and do well causes many high school and college students to study all the information intensively, or cram, the night before the exam while ...view middle of the document...

The damage to the brain could prevent further learning and understanding. Maybe giving up sleep for grades is not such a brilliant idea after all.
Along with permanent damage to the brain, cramming for an exam can also increase your risk to other severe health problems. According to the New York Daily News, “Susan Redline, a professor of sleep medicine in Boston, has found a link between sleep deprivation and the onset of disorders such as anxiety and bipolar depression” (“Cramming hurts grades and health”, 2012). The health issues do not stop there either, requiring your body to continually function can increase your blood pressure and even increase your risk to heart disease and cancer. Also, “sleep deprivation has been linked to enhanced risks for obesity and diabetes” (“Cramming hurts grades and health”, 2012). All of these health problems can shorten your life by years as well as create challenges in your day-to-day schedule.
Caffeine is a necessity for late night cramming sessions. The frequent consumption of caffeine can raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels. A 2008 study found that “just one can of Red Bull could raise the risk of heart attack or stroke, even in young people” (“Cramming hurts grades and health”, 2012). Relying on a caffeine boost during cramming sessions can lead to serious heart problems, including heart failure. Students can also conform to eating unhealthy while delaying their sleep. Heibutzki stated that, “In most cases, college students subsist on empty-calorie, high-fat snack foods that don’t provide enough energy to function effectively” (“The Effects of Cramming for a Test”, n.d.). This unhealthy habit can result in weight gain and obesity. Both weight gain and obesity have their own harmful consequences. A healthier balanced diet can actually improve learning and memory.
Cramming for an exam has many short term effects as well. One of these effects involves the change in emotional reactions. “Chronic all-night cramming leads to exaggerated emotional reactions in college students who don’t break...

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