The Effects Of Culture On The Evolution Of Language

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The world is always in constant changing. Living creatures had had to adapt to new environments and living conditions. Therefore, every species have faced a process of evolution. The human race was not excluded of such changes, and has suffered numerous transformations since the beginning of times. Moreover, this process of change affected humans not only physically, but also affected their communities, organizations, values and every other aspect of their cultures. One of the aspects of cultures that would inevitable change with the time is the language. Language can be understood as a group of symbols that contain meaning, and is used as a form of communication in the human´s communities. Each language has an enormous part of cultural content and is vital to the development of such. However, the bond between languages and cultures led languages to go through continuous changing; some even face extinction with the time. The English language is not saved from suffering this constant evolution; nevertheless, it has managed to become one of the most predominant languages in the world. To understand the strong influence of the English language is necessary to observe the changes that it has suffered through the years; also, is important to know the reasons that led to the disappearance of other languages, and to make an analysis of if it was whether the culture that changed the language or vice verse.
The Western culture is characterized to be one of the most technology-improved cultures. The development of new tools and systems has taken it ahead in many situations. For example, the first man that landed over the moon, the first computers, and several more. Those achievements had given also great importance to the western culture by the rest of the world and had put it in a strong business position. To be in the highest first point of technology development had obligate the English language to rapidly evolve as the culture. Therefore, it has presented several changes through the years. Particularly during the last century the popularity of war-themed words seemed to increase. For example, according to a The British Library Board since the nineteen hundreds the development of new technologies, the happening of world wars, and the adopting of several slangs led to the creation of various words. Such words are highly used today, and their novelty commonly passes unnoticed, among other there are words as: gasmasks, gobstoppers, miniskirts, and cappuccino. Not only the war became a popular theme during the last one hundred years, but there was also an enormous increasing referred to the technologic field. It is obvious to think that the fast development of new technologies would bring a new whole set of vocabulary. In the recent years, words like: iPod, texting, cell phone, selfie, tweeting, have become part of the human´s daily live, especially of the younger generations. Moreover, the much accelerated rhythm in which technology advances makes that the...

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