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The Effects Of Darfur Genocide Essay

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If we were as aware of the ongoing events that are place in Darfur as some of us are towards the likes on Instagram and Facebook, we may be able to change the outcome of a whole country. Darfur is a region in western Sudan, that is unfortunately being exposed to the true meaning of Genocide; an intentional, orderly abolition of a specific ethnic group. The conflict began between Northern and Western Sudanese has not been recent but rather an old conflict that is finally getting attention worldwide. Being a young refuge I have seen many things and have face many obstacles, such as war and poverty. I have witness home invitations by rebels and children be ripped apart from their families. ...view middle of the document...

(Aliprandini and Goodwin)
Southern and northern rebels have responded with widespread killing, rape, and destruction of food sources and property. “An estimated 200,000 people have been killed and an estimated two million have been made refugees as a result of these actions.” (Aliprandini,Goodwin 6) Darfur has caused hopeless innocent peoples lives to be snatched right from them, without any consent or knowledge of why. Mothers cry for their brutally murdered children, children search for their kidnapped mothers.
This leads to united nation to take action on the conflict and NATO joins forces with other nations to assist the refugees ” (Aliprandini,Goodwin) “ The United Nations finds out that the Sudanese government is not sponsoring the genocide in Darfur. NATO and African unions join to seek peace and maintained in the region. Soon refugees come to realize that peace is far from Darfur” (Aliprandini,Goodwin) Many years of massacres in Darfur continues.
As each refugee families tries to find peace in their country, they are forced to live in unpleasant camps until the battle between there people ends. Soon it catches the media attention and increased international focus on the abuses to the civil population in this crisis, and other groups have attempt to pressure Western governments to force the Sudanese government to practice their influence in the conflict to end the inhuman dilemma between the Arab Militias and the African refugees.This resulted in another nation to limit natural resources. So the people of Darfur, lead a protest in order to receive help from other countries and other nations. That soon leads a rebellion.
Darfur was forced to lead a rebellion with the lack of government! This causes the
government to declare a state of emergency and, began taking in action towards the conflict. The military fought the rebels and alongside them the government forces. Many villages were destroyed and civilians were targeted. Rape, murder, plunder. This caused many of Sudanese to flee their homes. Refugees cross the border and...

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