The Effects Of Decision Making Model: A Cultural Examination

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Decision-making, is one of the many commonalities shared by a number of individuals regardless of their cultural background, demographic, economics, sex or religious affiliation. Everyday people are presented with problems, be they professional, political or social – problems do exist, and decision how to address them must be made. However, the difference in how an individual chooses to approach decisions differs from person to person. A Senior VP may make decisions more differently than a World Leader. A Christian decision-making process could be vastly different from a Buddhist. Analogies which to examine these dissimilar clusters of individuals are endless. Regardless of the categorization, decisions are ‘relative’ – what one may deem as a great decision could be shunned upon by others; decisions viewed as ineffective by some could be regarded as effective by others.
Yet, the practice for which individuals conclude their decisions, are not baseless because the human cognitive decision-making process is based on one or more decision-making models. Azuma, Daily, and Furmanski (2005) state that the human decision experience can be condensed into a number of decision-making models, however, one model will neither dominate another nor will one model be applicable for all situations. The human decision-making practice is an inductive and deductive information gathering process consisting of decision theories (e.g., rational, emotional, political, and garbage can). “These theories and processes are useful in trying to understand human decision making because they attempt to describe how humans execute particular stages of decision making” (Azuma, et al., 2005, p.1).
In regard to decision-making models, while there are several, only a few will be examined and how they influence Korean culture. Firstly, according to Kørnøv and Thissen (2000), rational decision-making requires an understanding of the distinct differences between rationality of the process (rational procedures are followed) and reasonableness of the outcome process (the best approach chosen to achieve an end). Kørnøv and Thissen further adds that “a decision is considered more rational if the process leading to it is based on insight into the consequences of alternatives, and the selection follows the logic of choosing an alternative that is expected to best achieve one’s goals or objectives" (p. 192).
Secondly, an emotional decision-making process is the force behind individual’s emotional state which effects how the individual acts and thinks. Shihab and Ramadhan (2008) insert “depending on one’s emotional state, the individual can make better or worst decisions” (p. 128). Thirdly, political decision-making opposes or negates all ideology on common values and norms that unionizes antagonistic individual interests into possible shared consensus (Khefacha & Belkacem, 2010). Lastly, the garbage can decision-making model seeks problems to solve, so this...

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