The Effects Of Drinking And Smoking While Pregnant

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The Effects of Drinking and Smoking While Pregnant

The most disgusting thing in this world in my opinion, is when a pregnant woman

drinks or smokes. Women who drink during their pregnancy don't know that alcohol

can fatally harm the unborn baby. Most of these women drink during their pregnancy

with out any knowledge of the consequences. 'An estimated 40,000 babies are born each

year in the United States with alcohol-related birth defects. The actual figures may be

higher.'(Poisoned in the womb, p.53) The baby can be born with a lot of different kinds

of birth defects. Women, who drink very heavily during their pregnancy, have babies

that are born with Fetus Alcohol Syndrome.

Drinking alcohol can lead to the baby's slow brain development, mental

retardation, face deformities, and even death. 'Premature birth was associated with

alcohol consumption during pregnancy.'(Alcohol and the fetus, p.41) The reasons for

the mother's drinking might be peer pressure at parties or social events, age or

occupation. It is very hard to take care of the baby that is born with FAS. The effects of

the alcohol will basically last for life.

?Fetus Alcohol Syndrome, described by American researchers in 1973, is the

most severe form of alcohol-induced malformation.? (Poisoned in the womb, p. 44)

?Fetus Alcohol Syndrome is one of the three leading causes of mental retardation.?

(Poisoned in the womb, p.49) It is very hard to take care of babies with birth

defects. They will remain in intensive care for weeks or months after their birth. Their

nervous system is severely damaged, and it is hard to calm them down when they are

crying. Sometimes they become irritated to a touch, or they could become completely

withdraw and show no emotions to their caretaker. It is very hard to feed them. Their

brain development is very slow. Parents who were expected to have a laughing and

healthy baby, become disappointed. The difficulties to care for these babies lead to

neglect or abuse.

?Family stresses, including those related to alcohol abuse, may lead to abuse and

neglect and further add to the problems of the affected children.? (Poisoned in the womb,

p. 540) Parents get mentally frustrated and physically tired of taking care of the baby.

There are more fights and arguments going on in these families. The parents will turn to

alcohol to escape the problems of their world. The baby will be neglected and abused

and that will create even more problems for the baby and the parents. ?Children of

alcoholics are...

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