The Effects Of Dropping Out Of School In Jeddah

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Students go through a lot of pressure and influence in schools. Dropping out of school causes them to drop out of school and find other ways to spend their time instead of going to school. The world faces this problem with teenagers everywhere, and dropping out of schools could affect the coming generation tremendously, either for good or bad. The studies show that the number of students who drop out of schools in Jeddah is increasing. In addition, dropping out of schools became a major issue in Jeddah; it had affected a lot of students in different ways.
First, dropping out of schools has caused the students to mentally to take unconstructive measures with their lives. To begin with, the ...view middle of the document...

Firstly, after these boys drop out of schools, they do not bother themselves with what their families feel about their decisions. For instance, some scholars do not concern themselves with what expectations their families have for them. Because of this problem, the teenagers started lacking emotions with their parents. Secondly, one of the effects of dropping out of school is that the boy wants to be independent and cut the relationship with his parents. To illustrate, according to the American Educational Research, they indicate the number of students who are dropping out of school and to live their lives as independents has grown up. The students want to create their own paths outside school without being helped by their guardians. Lastly, some students leave their school to find jobs to support their families. For example, Mr. Alaa said, “I saw the need of working to get money for my family more important than going to school.” He stated how needful is to get money to support his family more than being in school. To conclude, lacking emotions, being independent or to support the family are a few of the effects of dropping out of school.
Finally, these effects could lead the learners to success by other ways besides studying in school at this age. In the begging, because of dropping out of school, some students started in...

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