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The Effects Of Environmental Degradation On The Spread Of Infectious Diseases

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Committee: World Health Organization
Topic Area A: On the Effects of Environmental Degradation on the Spread of Infectious Diseases
Country: Chile
Delegate: Ayesha Alaidroos

Environmental degradation is defined as the changes in the environment that compromise ecosystems, wildlife, and/or basic resources such as water, air, and soil. Major causes of environmental degradation include air pollution, chemical pollution, and changes in natural ecosystems through methods such as urbanization, desertification, and deforestation. At the moment, the largest cause of environmental degradation and climate change is the result of greenhouse gases preventing the loss of excess heat into space by ...view middle of the document...

The facts are clear and to improve global health, first and foremost, the global environment should be protected.

In May 2013, the Chilean Ministry of Environment announced that they have published regulations to establish a new registry for data entry as part of their Pollutant Release and Transfer Registry (PRTR). A PRTR is a catalogue or register of releases and transfers of potentially harmful chemicals and includes information on the nature and quantity of such releases and transfers. This regulation was developed through a project which provided technical and financial support to the Chilean Ministry of Environment towards the development of a National PRTR Proposal. The project was jointly funded by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The country of Chile believes it is important to stop environmental degradation as it hurts the health of inhabitants through various forms of pollution. Mining in Chile has led to mercury exposure in rural town which can lead to health problems in children. Also millions of people worldwide are exposed to arsenic-contaminated water. In the largest city in...

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