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The Effects Of Environmental Tobacco Smoke Among Children With Asthma

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This paper will discuss the effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) or known as Second Hand Smoke (SHM) among children. In addition, it will focuses on the how ETS becomes a problem for Children in American household as well as in other well developed nations. It will describe the effects that has among children living in contaminated environment by Second Hand Smoke. One of the health effects can be Asthma, which is provoked by their parents who smoke in their vicinity. Furthermore, there will be a discussion where as a public health practitioner trying to improve the health of these children and to educate their parents to lessen their cigarette consumption near children.
First of all, I would like to define Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS). According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, it describes that ETS consist in the burning end of a cigarette, cigar or pipe and someone else inhales the smoke, also known as Second Hand Smoke (SHS). (U.S. EPA, 2011) In addition, the smoke of this cigars consist in approximately 4,000 substances which over the time scientist have detected that by inhaling it causes cancer. (U.S EPA, 2011) also, ETS it’s classified as class I carcinogen by the Internal Agency for Research on Cancer (Cobanoglu et al., 2007). Having the definition of Environmental Tobacco Smoke, let’s apply the terminology to children. If a grown person has a high risk of develop cancer or any type of respiratory disease. Does children have higher risk of developing respiratory disease?
Children face a very high percentage of developing respiratory disease such as asthma when they live in the vicinity of a smoker. One of the reasons for children’s developing this problem comes from their parents. There is available data based on questionnaires given to parents, which suggest that parental smoking is related to childhood respiratory illness (Kovess et al., 2013) Moreover, a research study in Turkey based on parental smoking and children’s respiratory health mentions that they discovered that parental smoking during the first two years of life of the children has high risk to develop respiratory problems with a mean ratio of 1.18 (Pattenden et al., 2006) Moreover, it discusses that children living in disadvantaged households have higher risks to the exposure of ETS. Also, additional literature states that the effect of environmental tobacco smoke starts even before the children is born. Nonetheless, children who live above poverty levels are exposed to external ETS contamination.
According to an environmental research by Tung et al. (2013), it remarks that approximately 43.9 percent of children are exposed to Environmental Tobacoo Smoke, and the United States has a higher prevalence with a range of 35 to 80 percent. Moreover, in the journal article in Children Respiratory Health by Cheraghi and Salvi, it mentions that the level of children exposure to second hand smoke at home varies in different nation. For...

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