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The Effects Of Fast Food Essay

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Fast Food has many effects on ones body, most of them being disease related. The two of the main diseases that you can get from fast food are liver damage and cardiovascular disease. The reason that you can get liver damage from fast food is because the food is usually filled with an artificial fat called trans-fat. They use trans-fat because it makes it so that the food can be able to sit out longer then what it usually could if it did not have it in it. When you eat these trans-fats they build up in the liver and thats why you could get liver damage or worse, liver failure. Cardiovascular disease is the disease of the heart and blood vessels. You can get this disease from always eating ...view middle of the document...

For example, the exercise that it would take to burn off a Big Mac, large coke and fries from McDonalds would take approximately seven hours of exercise to burn off the calories from the meal. There are 160,000 Fast food restaurants in America that feed about 50 million people daily. The percentage of people who eat fast food once per week is 44% and three or more times a week is about 14%.
When fast food restaurants raise their animals they are fed antibiotics and growth hormones. They are fed a very poor diet so they do not have to put to much money in to them and they can make the most profit possible and this causes the animal to be underdeveloped. When they give the animals the growth hormones and antibiotics, they can be transferred to people though the cooked meat, which can produce negative health affects. While raising the animals they are going to use for their food, they use resources that cause many shortages everywhere. An example of the resources used to make one hamburger is 16 pounds of grain and about 2500 gallons of water, in water and grain could be used better by giving it without water or grain that truly need it.
When many family’s eating at fast food restaurants they are taking there bonding time at home away. Bonding time at home is a really important thing because when you have a good family life, life in general will be good outside of it. An example of how it used to be in the late 1900’s, many family’s would all come home and wait for their mom to cook their dinner and while she was cooking dinner the kids were playing and the dad was usually watching T.V, then when dinner is done the mom would call everyone in to the dinner table and everyone would sit down and enjoy their family's company and be able to talk and have a good time. When a family is always eating fast food the family can become obese and this will bring fighting amongst family because one is not happy with ones self so they will fight with others because of not being happy. When this happens this bring very unhappy people and these unhappy people will effect other people and this is another reason why fast food is a downfall.
People think that fast food tastes really good but truly all of it is not good for your body. There are many reasons why you should try and lean away from fast food and start to eat healthy. Having a healthy diet can prevent you from serious diseases like stroke, diabetes and heart disease. it reduces your chance of also getting cancer. Eating healthy can also make you recover more quickly from being sick and also prevent you from being overweight and being obese .Things you should have in a healthy diet are fruits, vegetables and starchy foods will be the bulk of most of your diet. Other things will be protein foods and dairy products.Poultry, fish and eggs are really good source of protein. Fish can reduce the risk of getting heart disease since they have good source of omega-3 fats. Lean proteins are chicken and turkey. Eggs...

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