The Effects Of "Free Movement Of Workers" On The Labour Migration Of Hungary Within The Eu

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INTRODUCTIONThe European Law, "Free Movement of Workers" allows the Member States to freely move and acquire work in the territory of the European Union. This law highly influences the labour-migration in the European Union, both in and out of the Member States. There is a tendency in this labour flow, which shows that there is a larger labour flow from the less developed countries to the more developed countries of the EU. This factor mainly applies to the newly joined EU countries as their development is behind that of the old member states. In this assignment I am going to investigate the labour-migration as an effect of the "free movement of workers" in one of the recently joined member states: Hungary. Hungary joined the European Union in 2004, which means that from that date on, Hungarian labour has the right to freely move and work in the EU Member States.AimsMy purpose with this assignment is discovering the changes in the Hungarian labour-migration as an effect of the "free movement of workers" law.My research question I am aiming at answering is: How did the "freedom of workers" law influence and what effects did it have on the labour-migration of Hungary within the EU?Methodology and dataAs a method to write this assignment I have used library and internet search. For gaining information I have acquired secondary data, which consists of two types of data. One involves publications and websites of official EU and Hungarian associations (for example Foreign Ministries) or papers of experts working for them. The other kind of data I used was statistical data concerning EU policies, migration policies and migration data from statistical websites. Using this kind of data played an important role in analysing the current migration situations of Hungary and the EU. After finding the relevant data, I have generated graphs to be able to see the developments and changes of migration and labour force and to be able to analyse them in an effective way. I have also used books and websites with official information of the exact law on the free movement of workers within the EU.EU LAW: FREEDOM OF WORKERSThe "free movement of workers" is an article closely connected to that of the "free movement of persons" inside the European Union. The article is involved in the EU Citizenship Law, therefore it is important to describe the law closely.The citizenship of the European Union was introduced by the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. It states that every person holding the nationality of a member state is entitled to be a citizen of the European Union. It also has to be understood that citizenship of the European Union shall be complement and not replace original citizenship.Article 18 states that "every citizen of the Union shall have the right to move and reside freely within the territory of the Member States, subject to the limitations and conditions laid down in this Treaty and by measures adopted to give it effect".The free movement of persons is identified...

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