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The Effects Of Gatorade On Athletic Performance

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When athletes are training or competing, it is apparent that they sometimes benefit by consuming various drinks that contain water, carbohydrate and electrolytes. This can assist and improve an athlete's performance, and it may reduce physiological stress on an athlete’s cardiovascular, central nervous and muscular systems. During endurance events Gatorade is an effective drink to have in order for the athlete to sustain their maximum energy throughout the competition. Gatorade has been proven to reduce the risk of hyponatraemia, improve endurance performance if consumed during training or competition and it allows fast release of fluid to the tissue as well as rapid fluid absorption. ...view middle of the document...

When participating in high endurance events athletes need to avoid excessive drinking of any beverage and make sure they have enough sodium in their diets. Athletes should be provided with salty foods and snacks. Furthermore during workouts and competitions, athletes should favor a sports drink containing at least 100 mg of sodium/8-oz serving, such as Gatorade, over water to comfort an additional ingestion of sodium that will help stabilize the sodium content of the extracellular fluid, reducing the risk of hyponatraemia (Schrier, 1). Educating athletes about proper hydration can help prevent hyponatraemia and its is important that training athletes consume a carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage such as Gatorade that contains sufficient amounts of sodium to help replace that lost in sweat (Stofan, 2003).
Rapid fluid absorption is important during high endurance athletic events in order to avoid dehydration. Research has shown that the 6% carbohydrate level and existence of salt found in the athletes drink is most favorable for rapid fluid absorption. As the carbohydrate level gets higher than 7% absorption is slowed and as a result certain sports drinks aren't recommended during exercise (Schlundt, 1). A...

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