The Effects Of Genetically Modified Foods On The Human Body

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What are the Effects of Genetically Modified Foods on the Human Body?

For many years, Companies have been using GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms in their food products. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), genetically modified organisms can be defined as “organisms in which the genetic material DNA has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally”. These organisms are used in the majority of food products across the world making people think that the use of GMOs is nothing out of the ordinary. What consumers do not realize are the potential health risks they have on the human body. In Jeffery Smith's article (2011), The Fight Against GMOS, he states that doctors have been prescribing people to consume no genetically modified foods and biologist Pushpa M. Bhargava, PhD, believes that there may be a major reason for the recent rise in serious illnesses in the US (Smith 2011, p. 10). It is apparent that continuously altering genes in these organisms must have some possible health consequences. This research paper considers the possible heath risks on the human body and has the answers to the following questions:
1. How do GMOS affect human health?
2. Why is Contamination the biggest threat?
3. What are the food labels not showing consumers?
People need to understand the health risks of GM foods to make better choices and become aware about what is really going on in the food industry. This paper will help open the eyes of consumers about what they are really ingesting.
How do GMOs affect human health?
Various questions have started to spread regarding how GMOs affect the human body. According to the article written by Melissa Smith, Say No to GMOS (2011), she states that: Based on animal research with GM foods, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM), an international organization of physicians, says that there are serious health risks associated with eating GM foods, including infertility, immune system problems, accelerated aging, disruption of insulin and cholesterol regulation, gastrointestinal problems, and organ damage (Smith 2011, p.48). Not only are humans strongly affected by GM foods, but so are multiple species of animals and a lot of effects have been seen on the environment. Author Jeffery Smith, states that scientific research and reports from farmers around the world have linked GM foods to thousands of sick, sterile, and dead livestock; thousands of toxic and allergic reactions in humans; and damage to virtually every organ studied (Smith 2011, p.48).
There is a strong link between an increase in allergic reactions and GM Foods. In Smith's article (2011), she states that soon after GM soy was introduced, the incidence of soy allergies increased by 50 percent in the United Kingdom, and reported symptoms related to the soy allergies included irritable bowel syndrome, other digestive problems, and skin conditions such as eczema (Smith 2011, p. 48). Antibiotic resistance is also a...

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