The Effects Of Global Warimgin On Polar Bears

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The effects of Global Warming on Polar Bears
For years, we have heard of the devastating effects of global warming and how the melting of the polar ice caps will cause severe climate changes. One animal that has suffered most from global warming is the polar bear. Global warming has caused the polar bear population to decrease due to the results of having to swim longer distances, loss of habitat, and lack of mates to reproduce offspring. Global warming has caused this species to become endangered and has some attention with social media. Global warming has caused much damage to the polar bear population due to the warming of their habitat.
To begin with, the melting of polar ice caps has caused polar bears to swim long distances. According to Bryan Walsh of TIME Magazine the melting of the ice caps have caused polar bears especially the young cubs to swim longer distances which has caused a “ forty-five percent mortality rate” (Walsh). In the article Walsh, writes about a study that showed that younger cubs because of low fat and strength were more likely to die due to the long distances the cubs had to swim. Although, polar bears are used to swimming, the younger cubs are suffering due to the increase of swimming their species has to do due to global warming.
In addition to longer swimming distances, global warming has caused the polar bears to have a lack of habitat for the polar bear species. The thinning of ice caps has caused polar bears to not have a stable habitat. A habitat is crucial to any species because it is what allows any living thing to thrive. The lack of a home for polar bears in a constantly climate changing environment will cause a decrease in population with the lack of food available to the polar bears. In order for a change to occur, global warming will...

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