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The Effects Of Global Warming On The Planet

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Global warming can be defined as the increase in the earth's sea level due to an increase in surface temperature. In decades past, there have been debates on what can be causing global warming. Greenhouse gasses and ozone depletion are one of the most important factors that geologists are facing in the fight against global warming. It presents a major problem for not only geologists, but also for policy makers, foresters, scientists, and most definitely the inhabitants of the Earth. Greenhouse effects consist of natural processes in which the temperature of the earth stays habitable. There are also many medical issues and health hazards that can harm humans, due to global warming and climate ...view middle of the document...

The issue with the insulator becoming too efficient is that the environment changes, whether it be in positive or negative ways. The insulator retains the heat, but too much, which in turn causes the temperature on earth to increase drastically. Not only are areas becoming just warmer in general, in some areas “snow fall and snow melt patterns are changing and rainfall patterns may also be unstable, threatening fresh water supplies in vulnerable regions” (Ralston 2010). Researchers have found that there is a positive relationally between the presence of greenhouse gasses and the temperature on earth. The change in climate is not only going to harm the security that we have as humans, it is also going increase health issues, affect economic productivity worldwide, have an impact on wildlife, as well as submerge land masses. This change is the net result of many aspects caused by continuous development of Earth through many geographical ages. Al though, many would say that the cause of global warming is exclusively due to human activity, others believe that human activity had no part in global warming. The ones who believe no human interaction was involved, say that this is just nature doing its work on Earth (Hennon 2012). With all this occurring in all areas of the world though, as inhabitants of this beautiful planet, we are responsible for the effects of global warming, and we need to take responsibility in making the right choices to avert consequences to our environment in the future.
In order to better understand global warming, we must first try and understand the causes of global warming. The mere increase of just .74° Celsius has prove that there have been negative effects on our environment (Hansen 2000). According to Hansen, we must get rid of, or at least dilute the emissions of greenhouse gasses, which can only be done by limiting the energy we use in our daily lives. This can be impossibly hard to do, especially in some third world countries where nothing beneficial can be done without some aid to these poor countries. The social-economic problems that those countries face, on top of the current affairs already occurring there, make it difficult for those populations to change their daily routines in order to save energy. In areas such as Europe and the Americas, energy can be used in a more safer and less disruptive way by just driving less or carpooling. As stated by Clemmit, that passenger vehicles account for about 20% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions (Clemmit 2006). Unfortunately, these fossil fuels are used everyday, in order to meet our high powered, and fast paced lives. So there is no way to completely rid of them, and it greenhouse gasses are needed for the environment, even though some things in excess are never good. Another major cause towards global warming is deforestation. It has contributed to giving out high levels of greenhouse gasses, since mostly all plants, trees, and vegetation all naturally reduce...

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