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The Effects Of Globalization Essay

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In the book Globalization: A Very Short Introduction by Manfred Steger and the reprint Globalization and the Impact of American Popular Culture Abroad by Carl Guarneri, the point is made how recognized globalization has become and how much it has affected citizens around the world. Some of the debates over the effects of cultural globalization are: the West and its multinational corporations after World War II, what it promotes to the world’s people, the views of consumer capitalism’s effects and the repercussions of the globalization of culture.
Many people argue that the West has dictated the global market for media, music and mass culture by multinational corporations. This dominance started to take place after World War II. This happened after the war because American businesses increased their profit by selling our nation’s pop culture abroad. In the reprint by Car Guarneri, he states that American corporations overwhelmingly took over foreign countries with: “movies, newspapers and magazines, jazz, rock and roll, comic strips, cartoons and ultimately television programs”(5). This process could be largely related to imperialism in the way that America is submersing other countries in its own cultures and ideas. American has already been doing this for more than sixty years since after the war, so there is no going back to the way things were before. If anything, our country is only going to get worse in dominating other countries to incorporate our culture into theirs. This cultural globalization that our country is promoting, supports both sameness and variety among the world’s people.
In the book Globalization: A Very Short Introduction, Steger points out that there are two different groups of people with viewpoints of what this cultural globalization translates to people around the world. Steger gives some statistics of the different languages being spoken around the world: “the number of spoken languages in the world has dropped from about 14,500 in 1500 to less than 6,500 in 2012”(86). The amounts of spoken languages around the world have almost dropped by 60% over the years. If our country were encouraging difference among its citizens, then this number of diversity in languages wouldn’t be plummeting this significantly. This decline shows the conformity citizens have been persuaded into trusting.
This manipulation of conformity goes along with consumer...

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