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The Effects Of Globalization In The Secondary Education Setting

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EDUC 713 GLOBALIZATION: Education, High Schools, 2 processes from ABOVE, 2 processes from BELOW, 3 main Insights from Class
In our increasingly connected world, humans have become more and more integrated in ways that involve culture, language, commerce, education, personalities, and experiences. This interconnectedness has created a world culture where it is difficult to detach a culture from the influence of other countries and peoples. Our conjugated culture has been especially emanated into our educational systems. Within the school system, we see influences in the structure, curriculum, verbiage, and expectations from students and faculty. Being aware of what components influence the ...view middle of the document...

To accomplish this goal, the previously mentioned institutions use their level of prestige, the global demand for a more educated workforce, and the desire that countries have to become a part of the first world, to their advantage. For corporations that are well-established and highly profitable, it is easy for them to go into a country and present themselves, especially to underdeveloped nations, as being beneficial to incorporate into their marketplace. This integration, may be beneficial initially in creating jobs, but when the alternative is creating jobs, developing a service with respect to that same culture, rather than one brought from abroad, and putting money back into the economy of that nation, the benefit in creating a service from within is clearly the better choice for that people. Nonetheless, this option may not always be feasible and may not integrate that nation with first-world countries with the rapidity deemed necessary. The described trend is evident within our school system.
Taking a critical look at the structure, curriculum, and verbiage within our schools, both public and private, we find a litter of examples of how globalization has penetrated education, especially when considered from a perspective of building a “knowledge economy.” The concept of knowledge economy is one that emphasizes training students that will be immediately prepared to become a part of the workforce. This means that the school and its faculty become the responsible party for providing that training. Within the secondary education, both public and private, school system I’ve observed and experienced a great deal of forces from above that influence our structure, curriculum, and verbiage. For example, the structure at any school where I’ve taught or observed, there has been a very precise schedule for when students are expected to be in what classes and when they are expected to be at lunch break, their lockers …etc. This regimented schedule is reflective of the industrial structure that once characterized the workforce of our nation, and continues to dominate the schedules of the working class. Corporations are interested in employing people who are punctual and can sustain efforts for extended periods of time in an efficient manner. Learning to do so from a young age means people are able to easily transition into the working class after their high school graduation.
Similar patterns can be seen in the curriculum taught in educational settings. Students have seen a decrease in what is considered alternative or artistic education, due to the need for science and mathematics to be taught in school, as a reflection of the skills that are deemed necessary for a competitive workforce both domestically and internationally. As a math teacher, I understand the value in having students learn a subject that is beneficial for them once they’ve completed their compulsory education. That that be the emphasis and that it be taught in an extremely dense,...

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