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The Effects Of Homework On Education

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The debate over homework has become a controversial one throughout the years. Most of the general population is on the uprise to stop homework, while education providers try to endure its existence. While the general population see homework as a burden and unnecessary, the real idea of homework creates an obvious path of success. Part of that path to success is do to the instructors use of homework in the correct manner. While the other path, is the completion and practice a student puts forth for the understanding of the topic at hand. We create the sense of, why homework? Previous research has helped show a usefulness of homework throughout our education system (e.g. Kenny, ...view middle of the document...

The Case for Homework
Homework is a necessity for our learning to flourish and expand our mind. Most people ask, “why homework”. They also say it is just busy work for the teacher to act like they are teaching you. This is an untrue statement. Homework is used to progress our learning and get practice on the material that is being taught. “Basic skills such as grammar, spelling and multiplication tables require drill, and the length of the school day may not allow sufficient time for this in class” (Griffith). Classes run for 45 minute periods. To learn all the material in that time and be able to truly understand it is a hard feat to accomplish. Usually in a class you do not get time to practice the material that you just learned. In math, you need to do around 10 to 15 problems a night to just be proficient in the subject that you just learned. This takes time, but it is time you have to make up that you are not being provided for in class. “There needs to be an appropriate balance. Homework can help students learn how to prioritize, make choices, and organize” (Griffith). Homework is not just being given to us as a right now moment. Homework is preparing us for the amount we are going to have to do later in life. We have to learn to manage our time and prioritize. This creates an ongoing learning that is provided by the homework that you received. Time management is a huge piece of what homework teaches us. We have to learn what our priorities are and create a method that will help us in the future. “Daniel Pink, in his book "Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us," advises that in order for children to be motivated to learn through homework, we need to make homework meaningful, ensure that it promotes mastery, try to make it creative and engaging, and clearly define its purpose” (Griffith). While completing homework is the students job, the teachers job includes providing us with beneficial homework and not busy work. There has to be a purpose. A purpose will help motivate the student to have to learn the material and want to understand what the material is talking about. The teacher provides that opportunity. If homework can create that sense of purpose, then the student will respond to the purpose in a positive way. The student practicing will help them learn the material the teacher has instructed.
Athletes have to practice over an hour a day during the season. This is due to being able to get better and perfect the game plan. “It takes about 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field,” says Malcolm Gladwell Like any other muscle in your body you have to work them. The same applies in the education system. We cannot progress our skills unless we practice. “The general attitude is, in academic areas, that a student is smart, therefore they do well” (Dejka). This is not the case. A student may be gifted, but to stay gifted he has to practice. Again, the same happens in sports. A athlete may have talent, but they...

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