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The Effects Of Hurricanes In Bananas Plantation

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After receiving alarming news from the Cavendish Distilling Company or CDC, about their delicious Banana Elixir. It seems after Hurricane Floyd they lost the majority of their bananas’ and are now in need of an alternative source for a banana flavoring, to avoid bankruptcy. Luckily for the CDC, there is a known way to get the chemical that can be used in place of the oil from a banana. That chemical in this experiment will be known as isopentyl acetate. Isopentyl acetate is an Ester, an Esters are usually created from reacting a carboxylic acid with an alcohol, along this an acid catalyst. This gives an Ester and some products, usually water. In this experiment Acetate acid and Isopentyl alcohol will be used with a sulfuric acid catalyst to synthesize the isopentyl acetate. Unfortunately some reactions, including this one, is reversible and the reaction may not fully go in the direction wanted throughout the entirety of the synthesis. To no surprise even after Reflux, there will be some isopentyl alcohol and acetate acid that didn’t react together.
Refluxing is a laboratory procedure in which you can separate pure amounts of the mixture, by separating them using their different boiling points. In a reflux, the glassware will heat up at different temperatures and depending on the boiling points of the individual chemicals used, the chemicals will evaporate and then condense back down, due to the cooling system of running water attached to the reflux system. Although you can say the chemicals at split up they need to be actually separated, a separatory funnel was used to do this. Using a base and some water along with our mixture, the two acids used should react nicely with this added water and base. Giving a nice separation of an organic solvent on top and an aqueous solvent on the bottom of the separatory funnel.
The final stage in this experiment is to separate the organic solvent, that is to get the isopentyl alcohol from the isopentyl acetate so the CDC will pay the big bucks. The procedure used to accomplish this task was a simple distillation system. Distillation is a laboratory technique much like reflux but instead of condensing back the chemicals. Instead the idea is to evaporate the chemical, separating it from the solvent and then condensing it down the cooling system into a different container. Using the same type of glassware and cooling system, with an addition of an attachment nose for distillation. Using chemical with the lower boiling point and the unwanted extra products will be evaporated out leaving desired product.
Procedure: The first order of business was to set up the reflux system in stand by for later use. To start the synthesis 16.21 mL of Isopentyl alcohol was mixed together 17mL of Acetate acid and 3 drops of Sulfuric acid, where placed in 100mL beaker and stirred together. The mixture solvent was then placed in refluxing system for about 30 minutes for condensing. After the 30min wit it was allowed to cool for 5...

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