The Effects Of Internet Use On Academic Results At Nigerian University

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Peter et al., (2012) study on the extent of the Internet usage of Nigerian University undergraduate and how is their academic result affected by it. The designed research questions is used to help in making a good questionaire which is use for data collection. The first research question is to understand the way of students in the university use the Internet which concentrate on whether students is use the Internet; the time per day that students preferred to browse; the frequency of browse the Internet by students in a week; purpose of the Internet use; and whether students do visit to cyber cafe or Computer Centre. In second research question, the study is to determine the academic performance of those students who use the Internet. The question is focus on whether the students are computer literate; the student's perception of the Internet use in enhancing their academic performance; and the way that the Internet services help students in their academic pursuit. The third research question is use to investigate the relationship of the Internet use and and students' academic performance. Students are request to provide the informations on the questions of a popular website they often visit; do students get any information relevant to their course while browsing the Internet and its frequency; and also students' best serve facilities in term of academic work improvement.
This research found that the exists positive correlation between Internet usage and academic achievement. This study also showed that students are often use Internet (73%) and prefer to use Internet overnight (53%). 45% of the students use Internet for academic purpose to enhance their study and they agree that the use of the Internet has enhanced their academic performance. However, majority of student prefer lecture notes than Internet facilities to enhance academic performance.Computation of correlation coefficient is used to find out the correlation of the frequency of visits to the cyber cafe by the respondents and its impact on their academic performance.
Overall, this research shown a positive correlation is exists between the Internet usage and academic performance. The influence of the Internet has been shown to the academic achievement of students both at the local and international levels. The view of NCAA (2007) that the Internet knowledge should be use for the purpose academic performance improvement is highlighted.

According to Tella (2007), the Internet is a new invented technology in new era. So, she had carried out a study to examine undergraduate's uses of the Internet and its implications on their academic performance at the University of Botswana, Gaborone.
The research is based on expost-facto research design in which Tella is interested with the relationship between the variables and what has happened to the sample subjects without any attempt of manipulation and control. Besides, the employment of experimental research design is to...

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