The Effects Of Keystone Xl Pipeline Project

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This paper will discuss the effects of Keystone XL Pipeline project and how the findings of the research might be beneficial to the United States. The first point of argument will be the negative impact of the Keystone Pipeline to America’s economy and the environment. The second point of view will be the positive impact of Keystone Pipeline to America’s economy. Keystone XL Pipeline is TransCanada’s tar-sand transportation project. The pipeline is supposed to cut across America to be linked with Canada’s tar-sand mines. It is aimed at increasing energy security in America. However, the project has received a lot of criticism from both the citizens and environmentalists for climate reasons ...view middle of the document...

Looking at the past argumentative researches, such as Brendan Smith’s research in his article “5 Reasons Why the Keystone Pipeline is bad for the Economy”, it is clear that the arguments are only based on the negative effects of the Keystone XL Pipeline project. However, for a better comprehension of the project, it is vital to look at both sides of its impact to the economy and environment.
Construction of Keystone Pipeline will lead to land degradation in the United States. The pipeline will have to be constructed across most Sates in America. This will have a huge impact on the land. For instance, the tar-sand will always spill on farming land and such occurrences will be harmful. This is because it will intoxicate the land and in turn kill crops and other farm animals. Additionally, the fossil fuel will pollute the farming lands in several states in the country. Land that is polluted by fossil fuel is deprived of its fertility. The organisms that aerate the soil and other wildlife will also be affected by the intoxication (Kendall, Lacher, and Cobb 189). When land is polluted, it can no longer be useful for farming. This in turn affects the lives of the people who depend on farming. For that reason, it is clear that Keystone Pipeline may pose a threat to the environment.
Moving on, building of the pipeline is likely to increase global warming. Fossil fuel is known for emission of greenhouse gases. These gases damage the ozone layer and the long-term effect is global warming (Casper 178). Keystone Pipeline will increase the amount of consumption of fossil fuel in the country. This is because the project aims at increasing the amount of tar-sand that is being imported to the United States. This will lead to an increased consumption of fossil fuel in the country. When the use of fossil fuel increases, then the rate of greenhouse gas emission will also rise. Additionally, the high demand of tar-sand will make its mining in Canada to be increased. The methods that are used to mine tar-sand cause greenhouse gas emission. The increase of greenhouse gases will eventually lead to global warming. Most parts of the country will be affected due to climate change caused by global warming. Other effects of global warming include natural disasters such as floods. Therefore, it is evident that the pipeline will lead to increased emission of greenhouse gases that cause global warming which in turn would affect the citizens due to change in climate.
Another effect of the construction of Keystone Pipeline is that it will be costly to the country’s economy. The project will be costly in several ways. Firstly, the government will incur the new costs of environmental damages brought about by the increased use tar-sand. The increased use of fossil fuel in the country will increase its effects on the environment. This in turn will make the government to spend more money on compensating the damages (Mendelsohn, Robert and Neumann 202). The money that the...

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