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The Effects Of Low Self Esteem For High School Students

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What would happen if all high school students had low self-esteem? Do they end up not having a high school diploma from their school? Do they end up not having unconditional relationships to others? Do they end up committing suicide? These are the questions that come to mind whenever one imagines that all high school students have low self-esteem. Many students in the United States have low self-esteem. Some students want to improve their low self-esteem, while most students cannot. Low self-esteem affects high school students extremely, especially during school hours. They affect everything and everyone around them. The possible effects of low self-esteem for high school students are ...view middle of the document...

Poor performance in their academics for students with low self-esteem affects them emotionally and mentally.
The second possible effect of low self-esteem for high school students is shallow relationships to other people. Students with low self-esteem are prone to have no friends or social life. It is because they are afraid of being rejected. They believe that friends will only judge and discourage them even more because of their lack of self-esteem. Students who lack self-esteem are also prone to have no connection with their teachers. For example, Mark wanted to go to his teacher to get help on his homework, but his low self-esteem prevented him to do so. Mark’s low self-esteem caused him to be afraid to ask his teacher for help when he needed it. Consequently, Mark did not do his homework and received a failing grade. Students with low self-esteem are also prone to become alone and isolated. They usually have no one to talk to. They find it hard to interact with everyone because their interactions between other people are very brief and complicated, which is why students with low self-esteem will rather talk with their pets or stay alone. Students with low self-esteem are also prone to have a bad relationship with their parents. It is because they often feel unloved and unappreciative by their parents. For example, Miriam has been through many failures today because of her low self-esteem. When she got home, her parents started to nag about her failing grades. Miriam felt worthless and shameful by her parents. As a result, she becomes rebellious towards her parents. Students with low self-esteem affect many people around them, and their relationship with others is imperfect.
The third possible effect of low self-esteem for high school students is mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression. Students with low self-esteem are prone to feel anxiety. Anxiety occurs among high school students who lack self-esteem whenever they are uncomfortable with what is about to take place. For example, students with low self-esteem...

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