The Effects Of Music On The Learning Process

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I. Introduction
To begin, my purpose of this project was to inform and persuade individuals about the different music styles on the learning process. Sometimes while I am doing my homework I play music and sometimes I do not. I have often wondered if I work faster or better, while working on my homework, with music or without music. Through my research I found out that music helps the brain process information which helps with the learning process. Music can affect a person’s focus and learning such as Albert Einstein, who played the violin. Music was the key that helped Albert Einstein become one of the smartest men who ever lived.
Initially information for this topic was a bit difficult, but as I continued to research I was able to find the material I needed. Once I gathered my information it became easier for me to combine the material and write my paper. During my research I also found other topics dealing with music and the learning process, such as, does the music’s volume hurt or help the learning process, which type of music helps best with the learning process, and can the type of music change an individual’s mood.
This topic relates to approaches to learning because some people learn best with music. I know that I must have music to concentrate or focus on my task I must complete. I know that I must have music to concentrate or focus on my task I must complete. I know because as I was doing the research for the project on the computer I used the internet radio and before I knew it my work was done. As I look back on how I mentally focus on things when I am in class, it can be hard for me to focus on subjects sometimes if it is too quiet in the room. I use this tool of music to study. I create songs of the material I am studying and add a rhythmic beat to it and before I know it the information is memorized. This helps me to problem solve, the rhythms seem to help me to become more creative.
My topic also relates to health and social education. When a person is exercising to music, the music can boost the movement of the body and this can encourage them to work out a little harder. By playing music more often in physical education classes this would allow the students to be more active and alert. The faster the rhythm of the music, the more calories one is likely to burn if they are trying to keep the beat with the rhythm of the song that is playing. Actively listening to music is what helps my peers and me to be able to prepare for a physical and mentally healthy lifestyle.
II. Mentor
Have you ever had a teacher that you just automatically clicked with? That is how I feel about my mentor, Mrs. Jones. I have never had Mrs. Jones as my teacher, but from the way she carries herself and from the comments I’ve heard from other students, I knew she would be the perfect choice for my mentor. I simply went to her and asked her to be my mentor and she simply replied “yes.” I was thankful that she said yes because it...

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