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The Effects Of Not Trying Your Hardest In School

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The Effects of Not Trying Your Hardest in School This paper was supposed to be about school shootings and the effects they have on kids and why they happen. As I started to write that paper (late as usual) I got to thinking. I thought maybe a paper on something that I'm going through right now would be a better idea. After all, I am in school and I too am going through things that many children will go through as ...view middle of the document...

After all I was a master at doing things the night before. Since then I have grown up and learned, the hard way, that school is the most important thing in your life and if you don't try hard and give it your best shot you are only hurting yourself and your future. Many kids go trough the same things and they handle school the same way I did. Many of them will reshape the way they deal with school and many will not, and those are the ones his paper is directed to. Because they feel like they have nowhere to go and nothing to learn many of today's teenagers drop out of school and leave themselves with absolutely no options.There are three types of dropout rates: event rates, status rates, and cohort rates. Event rates reflect the percentage of students who drop out in a single year without completing high school; status rates reflect the percentage of the population in a given age range who have not finished high school or are not enrolled in school at one point in time; and cohort rates reflect the percentage of a single group of students who drop out over time (Gaustad, 1991).

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