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The Effects Of Oil Spills On Wildlife

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Oil Spills Effect Wildlife
How do you clean up wildlife after an oil spill? Oil spills are dangerous because it has lasting effects on all life cycles. It is important to look at all species that are affected by an oil spill. Oil spills effect the carbon cycle directly. They also effect the food chains in the water and on land. Oil effects animals in four ways physical contact, eating, breathing, and absorption (Effects of Oil Spills on Wildlife, 2010). Depending on what type of oil it is also contributes to the seriousness of the spill. The weather also has a role in the clean-up of a spill.
There are four peer related articles that show there are real cause for concern What the Spill will ...view middle of the document...

In one bowl add a drop or two of the dish soap. Leave one bowl with only the warm water. Then add motor oil to one of the bowls (about a teaspoon) just enough to cover the top of the water. Dip both feathers in the oil. Then take one feather and try to clean it in just warm water, then take the other feather and dip it in the warm soapy water and try to clean it off.
The results of this experiment were that both the warm soapy water and warm water were effective at cleaning the feather of the oil. However, the feather in the warm soapy water was cleaned more effectively that the feather in just the warm water. It was easier to clean the feather in the soapy water then in just the water.
There are five types of oil spills very light oils (jet fuel, gasoline), light oils (light crude, heating oil, diesel) medium oils (most crude oils), heavy oils (heavy crude, No.6 fuel and Bunker C), very heavy oils (Effects of Oil Spills on Wildlife, 2010). Currents and weather conditions also play a role in the seriousness of an oil spill. The very light oil spills affect the Euphotic zone. This very light fuel is hazardous and evaporates quickly (Effects of Oil Spills on Wildlife, 2010). While crude oils are less likely to mix with water, and have a harsh and long-lasting contamination (Effects of Oil Spills on Wildlife, 2010). It has been reported recently that there are oil plumes in the ocean from some oil spills. These plumes have the potential to create dead zones in the ocean. Birds that frequently visit the surface water are at greater...

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